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Articles in Peer-Reviewed Journals


Please note that all articles listed should be available via your library but if you have any difficulty accessing a particular article, please get in touch with me via the 'contact' section of this website. Further details of my publications are available via Researchgate.

(with H. Miller) Working towards gender equality in small and medium-sized third sector organisations: an incremental approach Voluntary Sector Review Accepted for publication 06 February 2018. First published online 08 March 2018

UK Civil Society: Changes and Challenges in the Age of New Public Governance and the Marketized Welfare State’ Nonprofit Policy Forum 2017

(with M. Aiken) The ‘Hollowing Out’ of Smaller Third Sector Organisations’ Voluntary Sector Review 2017

(with C. Milofsky) 'The Collapse of Intermediate Structures?'City & Community, 2017, 16,2, 131-13

(with D. Shaw, J. Scully, C. Smith and G. Hieke) 'The Involvement/Exclusion Paradox of Spontaneous Volunteering: New Lessons and Theory from Winter Flood Episodes in England' Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly 2017, 46,2, 352-371

‘Where did we come from? The Emergence and Early Development of 'Voluntary Sector Studies in the UK’ Voluntary Sector Review 2016, 7,1, 5-25   

'Organizational Challenges of Community Associations: Applying Nonprofit Research to Real-World Problems' Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly 2015, 44,4 796-813
(with G. Morgan, L. Baker, and R. Moran) ‘The Public Benefit Requirement for Charities in England and Wales: A Qualitative Study of its Impact’ Charity Law and Practice Review 2013, 15, 107-124

'London’s Olympic Ambassadors: A Legacy for Public Policy Implementation? Voluntary Sector Review 2012, 3(3)  577-584

'Nonprofits and Business: Toward a Subfield of Nonprofit Studies’ Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly 2012, 20(10) 1-11

(with B. Cairns)  Local Cross-Sector Partnerships: Tackling the Challenges Collaboratively'Nonprofit Management and Leadership 2011, 21, 3 311-324

(with P. Young) ‘Building Bridges: The Third Sector responding locally to Diversity’ Voluntary Sector Review 2010 1, 1  41-58

(with P. Young) ‘Developing Community and Social Cohesion through Grassroots Bridge-Building: An Exploration’ Policy and Politics 2009, 37, 4 517-534.

(with J. Andrews and H. Cameron) ‘All Change? Managers’ Experience of Organizational Change in Theory and Practice’ Journal of Organizational Change Management 2008, 21, 3, 300-314

(with J. Andrews) 'Postgraduate study and managers’ subsequent work experience: An exploratory evaluation' Assessment and Evaluation in Higher Education 2008, 1-11
(with H. Schlappa) 'Hoovering up the Money? Delivering government-funded capacity-building programmes to voluntary and community organisations' Social Policy and Society 2007, 7,2  135-146

(with B. Cairns and R. Hutchison) 'Sharing God’s Love or Meeting Government Goals? Local Churches and Public Policy Implementation'  Policy and Politics 2007, 35, 3  413-432

(with B. Cairns, R. Hutchison and M. Tricker) ‘Improving Performance? The Adoption and Implementation of Quality Systems in UK Nonprofits’ Nonprofit Management and Leadership 2005, 16,2 135-151

(with B. Cairns and R. Hutchison) ‘Community-Wide Planning for Faith-Based Service Provision:  Practical, Policy and Conceptual Challenges’ Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly 2005, 34, 1 88-109

(with B. Cairns and R. Hutchison) ‘So many tiers, so many agendas, so many pots of money’: The Challenge of Regionalisation for Voluntary and Community Organisations’ Social Policy and Administration 2004, 38, 5  525-540

(with B. Cairns and P. Young) ‘Building the Capacity of the Voluntary Nonprofit Sector: Challenges of Theory and Practice’ International Journal of Public Administration 2005, 28  1-17

(with P. Halfpenny and C. Rochester) ‘An Expanded Role for Faith-Based Organisations? Lessons from the UK Jewish Voluntary Sector’  Journal of Social Policy 2003, 32,1  93-112

(with J. Harris, R. Hutchison and C. Rochester) ‘Merger in the British Voluntary Sector: The Example of HIV/AIDS Agencies’  Social Policy and Administration 2002, 36, 3  291-305

'Civil Society and the Role of UK Churches: An Exploration’ Studies in Christian Ethics 2002  15, 2, 45-59

(with J. Harris) ‘Achieving Organisational Collaboration in the Nonprofit Sector: An Action Research Approach’ Organization Development Journal  2002, 20,1 28-35

'Organising Modern Synagogues: A Case of Multiple Models’ European Judaism 2001, 34, 2 123-131

‘This Charity Business: Who Cares?’ Nonprofit Management and Leadership 2001, 12, 1  95-109

‘The Place of Self and Reflexivity in Third Sector Scholarship: An Exploration’ Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly 2001, 30, 4  747-760