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Other Recent Academic and Academic-Related Activities


Article (December 2020) in NACC News 'The Emergence of Nonprofit/Voluntary Sector Studies in the UK' [NACC is the US Nonprofit Academic Centers Council]

ARNOVA GITA Webinar (8 October 2020) “The Covid-19 Crisis and Civil Society: The Situation in Europe” Panellist on 'Familiar Patterns and New Initiatives in UK Civil Society'

Podcast (October 2020) “Managing Volunteers during Covid” (from Rabbi Laura's Podcast)    

Presentation (May 2019)  ‘It’s for Charity: What Limits on Fundraising Methods used by Donors to Charities? ’ to Seminar on NGO Accountability, Sheffield University


Presentation (November 2018) ‘Mediating Structures: Their Organization in Civil Society’ (co-authored with Carl Milofsky) to the Annual Meeting of ARNOVA, Austin, Texas


Presentation (November 2016) ‘Towards Gender Equality in Small and Medium Nonprofits: Lesson from an Action Research Project’ (co-authored with Helena Miller) to the annual meeting of ARNOVA, Washington DC


Presentation (May 2016) ‘Challenges for UK Civil Society in the age of New Public Governance and the Marketized Welfare State’ to a workshop on ‘Civil Society and the Welfare State in the Age of New Public Governance: A Cross-National Exploration’, Hebrew University, Jerusalem


Presentation (March 2014) 'Leading British Jewry: Can we take lessons from Social Research' to the UCL/Board of Deputies Conference on 'Leading British Jewry into the Future'"

Article in 'The Church Times' (7 February 2014)
'A Slightly Disorganised Religion'. (This article first appeared in the Church Times and is protected by copyright.  It appears here by kind permission.

Member of Implementation Group and Gender Equality Plan for "Women in Jewish Leadership", 2013-2017

Public Lecture (April, 2013)  ‘Volunteers and Voluntary Organisations at the Neighbourhood Level: Challenges of Building Community in the 21st Century’ St Wilfrid Lecture, Ripon Cathedral

Recipient (November 2011) of the Award for Distinguished Achievement and Leadership in Nonprofit and Voluntary Action Research from ARNOVA (the US Association for Research in Nonprofit Organizations and Voluntary Action) (acceptance speech)

Keynote Address, September 2011, to the Third Nordic Conference on Church Leadership and Organizational Change in Helsinki, Finland. ‘Seeing Churches as Voluntary Associations: Category Error or Insight for Practice?

Presentation, 1 July 2010, on 'Social Enterprise, the Voluntary Sector and Mainstreaming Faith'.  Address to the a conference on 'Faith and Policy: Where Next for Religion in the Public Sphere' sponsored by AHRC/ESRC Religion and Society Programme. (podcast)

Presentation, May 2010, on ‘Challenges of Community Bridge-Building’ to a workshop run by the Institute of Community Cohesion (iCoCo), Coventry University  

Seminar presentation, April 2010, to community work staff of the London Borough of Newham. ‘Supporting Community Bridge-Building Activities’ 

Keynote Presentation, July 2009, to the Annual Meeting of the Jewish Volunteering Network on 'Why a Jewish Volunteering Network?'

Member of the Advisory Group of the Jewish Volunteering Network, 2009 -

Member of the Reference Group for the 'Below the Radar' Work Stream of the Third Sector Research Centre, Birmingham University, 2009-

Presentation, 7 April 2009, to the ESRC/NCVO/VE Seminar on ‘Voluntary Action and the Economic Downturn: Threats and Opportunities’.  The presentation was entitled
‘Managing the Impact of Recession on Voluntary Action’

Presentation, March 2009, on ‘Religion and Good Relations’ to EHRC Seminar on ‘Religion, Equality and Good Relations’ 

Plenary Address, November 2008,  to the Annual Meeting of ARNOVA (Association for Research on Nonprofit Organizations and Voluntary Action), Philadelphia, November 2008 - 'Leading in Building Civil Society - Obligations and Privileges'

Presentation, June 2008, to NCVO/Carnegie Seminar on Bridging Social Capital - Powerpoint presentation from the seminar and overall report of the bridging seminar series is available at and

Member of the Commission on the Future of Volunteering 2006 – 2008 

Lecture tour in Taiwan including visits to National Chengchi University and National Chi-Nan University, December 2006


Visiting Professor in the School of Management, Ben Gurion University of the Negev, Beer Sheva, Israel – March 2005, May 2006, March 2007

Keynote Address ‘Shaping the Future of Voluntary Sector Research in the UK’ NCVO/VSSN Research Conference, Warwick University,  31 August 2005

Member of the Academic Advisory Group for the UJIA/Hebrew University Project on Contemporary Jewish Identity in the UK 2002 – 2005

Special Advisor to Birmingham Commission on the Voluntary Sector April 2001 – April 2003


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